Strengthening the Fabric of our Community
Spotlight On Services Newsletter - 2020 Issues

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SOS Newsletter: Oct-Dec 2020 SOS October-Dec 2020
(pdf file, size: 3,800 kb)

- Back To School For ELC
- A Celebration During COVID
- Ester Wheelen Retires
- Growing Older At Home

SOS Newsletter: July-Sept 2020 SOS July-September 2020
(pdf file, size: 3,300 kb)

- Early Learning At Home
- 741 Center Transforms
- Meals On Wheels Amid Covid-19
- Volunteers Are Passionate

SOS Newsletter: April-June 2020 SOS April-June 2020
(pdf file, size: 4,700 kb)

- RSVP Partners With Pro Seniors
- ELC Hosts Kindergarten Summit
- Adult New Reader Student Becomes A Citizen
- Live A Purposeful Life After Retirement

SOS Newsletter: January-March 2020 SOS January-March 2020
(pdf file, size: 968 kb)
- WCCS Holds Giving Thanks Luncheon
- Adult New Readers honors Volunteers
- Substance Misuse Advisory Council Hosted
- WCCS Has New CEO