Strengthening the Fabric of our Community
Our Mission

WCCS' mission is to strengthen the fabric of our community by providing services and connecting people to resources necessary for realizing their full potential for a quality life.

Look for WCCS in every community in Warren County. No other organization in Warren County does what WCCS does.

Our Vision

The vision of Warren County Community Services, Inc. is to be an organization that:

  • Serves the whole community, including children, families, and older adults.
  • Earns the trust and respect of the community through caring and personalized attention and excellent customer service.
  • Provides strong leadership through partnerships with other organizations that share the same values.
  • Sets high standards for quality services and high goals for continued professional growth.
  • Moves forward by seeking creative approaches and developing innovative programs and services.
  • Seeks funding sources to meet changing community needs.